The 5S Success Mindset

Easily Plan, Manage and Sustain Your 5S Implementation So You Can Continually Improve your Business

In this Game-changing Book for Managers who Focus on Process Improvement in the Manufacturing Industry, You’ll Learn:

  • A way of seeing the bigger picture of 5S in your warehouse
  • How to take the overwhelm out of 5S implementation
  • The one key employee every manager needs on their 5S team
  • How to take the "burden" out of the 5S audit process
  • Why resistance might show up - and ways around it

How to Avoid the Biggest Pitfalls of 5S Implementations!

With the implementation and management of 5S on your plate, you’ve noticed your stress has been on the rise. Knowing where to start and how to bring a team of others on board with 5S seems like a daunting task.

This is a challenge that every manager will face on as they look to implement 5S and try to reap the benefits of a robust 5S implementation. Even the largest manufacturing companies around the world grapple with the dilemma of implementing and sustaining 5S.

But 5S was not designed to be stressful. If anything, when it is applied correctly, 5S will make your operation run more smoothly. The key is knowing how to do it.

In this groundbreaking book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Prevent 5S from becoming a burden on you and your team
  • Involve workers to improve your chances of success
  • Manage the change that 5S brings
  • Implement the key elements of 5S that improve your chances of success
  • Go beyond the tactical changes to benefit from the big picture improvements that 5S can affect

A Personal Note from David...

You’re probably reading this book because you are a manager who has been given the task of managing and implementing 5S in your company. Your executive or senior manager gave you responsibility for 5S implementation, then walked away and left you on your own. Now you’re stuck having to roll out a major process change in the company in which you work—and you’re having to do it alone.

Not only this, but your company has tried to implement 5S in the past with limited success. Due to a changing of the guard in the company since then, you find yourself with a new executive or senior manager wanting to try 5S once again. They’ve put you in charge of putting it all in place.

But you already have a full workload. You are busy trying hard to do a lot more with a lot less. Being told to implement 5S without being given additional resources or direction has only set you up for failure. No wonder you feel overwhelmed, wondering how you’ll ever get everything done!

How Do I Know This? I’ve been on countless warehouse and manufacturing floors in my career, and I have experienced firsthand the unnecessary stress managers put on themselves to implement 5S. But 5S was not designed to be stressful. If anything, when applied correctly, 5S will make your operation run much smoother. And this is why I’m here: to help make your job that much easier at the end of the day.

About David Visco

David Visco is America’s Most Trusted Authority on 5S, specializing in assisting warehouse, operations and project managers in the manufacturing industry who have found themselves tasked with 5S implementation and find it challenging to get going.

Managers focused on process improvement commonly face challenges implementing 5S successfully and often lack the resources, information and expertise to navigate this path. David draws on nearly 2 decades of experience in warehouse management, inventory, logistics, and materials to help overworked managers not only embrace 5S, but leverage it to make processes and systems run more smoothly and efficiently —in any warehouse.

With his keen understanding of the daily difficulties warehouse and operations managers face, David has been able to capitalize on his depth of knowledge to assist hundreds of companies in refining their warehouse processes. David’s own career path and direct work experience in warehouses across several industries has reinforced his personal and professional purpose: making managers’ jobs easier at the end of the day. 

While other 5S stores simply provide catalogs and leave it up to managers to figure out, David helps managers use those resources to maximize the effectiveness of 5S in implementation. David offers high quality expertise that is unmatched by competitors in this industry. 

In The 5S Success Mindset, David Visco demystifies the 5S process, detailing how managers can implement 5S successfully and without the overwhelm. David illustrates how to do this while avoiding the procedural speed bumps managers often encounter, stating that “it’s time to discover just how smoothly your warehouse can really run.”

Are You Ready To Start Optimizing the Operations of Your Manufacturing Business?

The 5S Success Mindset

Easily Plan, Manage and Sustain Your 5S Implementation so You can Grow Profitably and Successfully

This breakthrough book details how you can:

  • Take the right steps to prevent 5S from becoming a burden on you and your team
  • Involve the right people to ensure 5S success
  • Manage change better by having the critical person as part of your 5S team
  • Avoid 5S becoming the "flavor of the month"
  • Realize the key elements that are instrumental to your success with 5S