Key Signs Your Floor Marking Needs Help

Live WebinarWednesday, Jun 16th

12pm EST / 9am PT

David Visco, Founder, The 5S Store

In our recent State of 5S report, it was revealed that floor marking is being broadly used for a variety of purposes; from marking storage and equipment areas to safety purposes.  What we didn’t cover in that session was how to ensure that the floor marking you’re doing is effective and up to snuff.  

Join David Visco, author of 5S Made Easy and founder of The 5S Store as he discusses how to identify problems with floor marking and what 5S practitioners can learn to improve their own 5S implementations.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to know when it’s time to change floor marking
  • The right floor marking for the right application
  • Common mistakes people make with floor marking

This and more will be covered in this can’t-miss 30-minute webinar on June 16th. Reserve your spot today!

Join us as we discuss the secrets to effective floor marking!

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