The Secrets of Getting Lean Started

Live Webinar • Wednesday, Oct 21st

12pm ET / 9am PT


John O'Kelly - President, Newcastle Systems

Jason Williams - Operations Director, Newcastle Systems

Implementing a Lean Manufacturing initiative is a big undertaking. Scores of companies try and fail while others succeed. But what are the secrets to getting Lean off the ground properly?

Join us for a webinar featuring friends of the 5S Store, Newcastle Systems, to hear about their experience implementing Lean Manufacturing. Key employees John O’Kelly, founder and President, and Jason Williams, Operations Director, will join us to share their learning and dos and don’ts related to getting a Lean implementation off the ground.  

In this 5S Store webinar, we’ll moderate a discussion to hear the perspectives of both practitioner and executive, including questions from the audience throughout the discussion to ensure everyone’s needs are met.  

In this webinar, you will hear:

  • How business leaders make a decision to implement Lean
  • Signs that your Lean initiative is taking hold and working
  • What to do when things get off track with your Lean implementation
  • Best practices for cultural engagement around your lean initiative
  • Favorite Lean tools and why
  • The impact of 5S on Newcastle System’s Lean initiative

We will take questions from the audience and get all the scoop on how to implement and sustain Lean Manufacturing in this 30-minute webinar. 

Please join us, you’ll be glad you did!

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