Sustain Your 5S Program With
This 5S Maintenance Chart Template

The 5S Maintenance Chart Template helps you manage your facility maintenance schedule. This pre-designed spreadsheet lets every team member know their role in the maintenance system. They can quickly see what they need to do and when they need to do it to help your facility shine.


You’ve dedicated time and money to implementing an effective lean system. Now ensure peak productivity with a 5S management chart. A consistent maintenance schedule prevents undue wear and tear on equipment. It also keeps all workplace areas orderly and clean.

Why use a 5S management chart template to sustain your 5S program?

  • It’s easy-to-use 
  • It’s easy-to-read
  • It supports visual management
  • It aids continuous improvement

Easy to Use

Why waste time figuring out complicated equations? We’ve done the work for you! Simply enter the information on the template for the area or equipment that needs maintenance. Then you’re all set for the next six months, making it easier to sustain your 5S initiative.

Easy to Read

The 5S Management Chart Template uses distinct icons to indicate the type of maintenance that is needed. Bold color-coding communicates the frequency of the required maintenance.

Team members will be able to determine their maintenance duties at a glance. This saves time and increases productivity.

Support Visual Management

Standardize your management system and enforce visual cues by using this same chart for every area of maintenance. Facilities achieve greater efficiency when team members are given assigned roles. With the 5S management chart, they’ll know exactly what they need to do no matter what area they’re assigned.

Aids Continuous Improvement

When it’s time for your 5S audit, use the 5S Management Chart Template to analyze your facility’s performance. Were there any lapses in the maintenance schedule? Does the frequency of certain types of maintenance need adjusting? With the 5S Management Chart Template, you can make the necessary changes with the tap of a button.

What are you waiting for?

Any way you look at it, the 5S Maintenance Chart

  • saves time and money
  • increases productivity
  • sustains your 5S initiative
  • helps your facility shine

Streamline your 5S maintenance system today with the 5S Maintenance Chart!