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Revitalize Your 5S Program with Exclusive Insights into 5S Trends for 2021


Our 2021 State of 5S Report provides you with an up-to-date analysis of 5S best practices that will transform your company.

5S is the Lean tool that every Lean-focused company needs right now. It focuses on doing more with less while putting people first. But how can you make it work for you?

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In mid-2020 we interviewed 142 Lean practitioners around the globe to get a big-picture view of the current state of the industry. We were excited to discover that the majority of respondents are using 5S. But we also found that:

  • 50% of respondents say their 5S programs are formal, actively implemented, and communicated.
  • 56% say that 5S has been less of a priority.
  • 61% of companies say their culture fosters teamwork, training,  and clear leadership.

These numbers reveal an opportunity for further growth and improvement within 5S initiatives. The ultimate goal of our State of 5S Report is to show you how to experience the full potential of 5S.

In our report, we outline specific 5S best practices that are working right now.

We address 2021 5S trends that reinforce each phase of 5S. Discover what 5S practitioners are doing to get the most out of their 5S programs and transform their company culture. 

In our 2021 State of 5S Report, we also explain how 5S is uniquely capable of addressing the needs of this moment. 

  • Are you struggling to promptly meet consumer demand?
  • Are you looking for ways to streamline your production process?
  • Are your current methods for maintaining a clean and safe workplace just not cutting it?

Now is not the time to put 5S on the back burner. Each of the five phases of 5S is specifically designed to address

Are you looking for actionable steps for improving 5S in your workplace?

Our 2021 State of 5S Report details current 5S trends you can use to correct the course of your company. 

This comprehensive report includes:

  • Clear data that you can share with your decision-makers to get the funding for 5S initiatives.
  • The best practices other companies are using to succeed even in times of economic hardship.
  • Steps your company can take right now to increase production and safety.

Why wait? It’s time to put 2020 behind us and forge a new path for 2021. The key to transforming your company’s trajectory is just a click away.

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