Pinpoint Your Path to Success with Exclusive Insights Into Lean Manufacturing Trends in 2021

With the 2021 State of Lean Manufacturing Report, you’ll get instant access to specific data detailing what Lean practitioners are focusing on right now.


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We began to gather data for this report in the middle of 2020. We interviewed 142 Lean practitioners from around the globe. Each of them received a comprehensive survey designed to tell us the state of the industry.

In our results, we discovered clear action steps each company can take this year. Despite current obstacles, Lean-practicing companies can create sustainable financial success.

In this detailed report, you will find...

  • Clear data that you can share with your decision-makers. Use this data to get the funding you need for Lean initiatives.
  • The best practices other companies are using to succeed. Discover what is working even in times of economic hardship.
  • Ways your company can increase production quality. Use these Lean tools to create a loyal customer base. 

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