The State of Lean 2020

Live WebinarWednesday, Feb 24th

12pm EST / 9am PT

David Visco, Founder, The 5S Store

Bruce Hamilton, President, GBMP

In Q3 of 2020, The 5S Store commissioned important research about Lean implementations. Our goal with the study was to establish benchmarks for what successful implementation of 5S and Lean Manufacturing look like across companies of all sizes and industries. With responses from nearly 150 companies that leverage Lean, the resulting State of Lean 2020 Benchmark Report, gives an important look into Lean implementations and performance across companies of all sizes.

Join David Visco, author of 5S Made Easy and founder of The 5S Store and Bruce Hamilton, President of GBMP, as they discuss the survey findings and what Lean practitioners can take away from the story the survey data tells.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How 5S and Lean implementations are doing this year vs. previous years
  • What industries are having more success than others
  • What companies are doing well and where they're missing the mark
  • What are the most popular tools and approaches being used

This and more will be covered in this can’t miss 60-minute webinar on February 24th featuring David and Bruce. Heavy attendance is expected, so reserve your spot today!

Join us as we discuss the State of Lean Survey findings!

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