Do you want to increase productivity in your workplace? Make your facility safer and boost morale?

Our 5S Training Program will do all that and more. And it starts with a 5S training presentation.


What is 5S?

The 5S method is a systematic approach to creating and maintaining an organized, safe, clean, and efficient workplace. 5S helps you:

  • Identify and eliminate waste,
  • Reorganize your facility to be more efficient, and
  • Set practices in place to maintain the improved workflow.

A fully-implemented 5S program helps your facility achieve more by doing less.

Implementing the 5S Program

But for your 5S initiative to work, every team member must do their part. This is why 5S training is vital for success.

Wondering how to get started? Meet David Visco, 5S expert and the president of The 5S Store. 

Besides 5S products, The 5S Store also provides 5S training help. David Visco believes so strongly in the value of the 5S system that he’s put together this free 5S training template. 

The 5S training template covers:

  • What the 5S system is and why it’s essential to the success of your company
  • The 8 ways your facility is wasting valuable time, money, and resources
  • What the 5S’s are and how they boost productivity
  • A list of essential tools for successful implementation of 5S

That’s a lot of ground to cover. Why not save time with a presentation ready to be customized by your company?

Why 5S Matters Right Now

During chaotic times, 5S matters more than ever. People are looking for security and stability, especially in the workplace. 5S is about making sure every team member knows their value. 

5S is also about eliminating redundancies so that companies can operate more efficiently. If you’re looking to boost your bottom line while supporting your team, the 5S method is just what you need.

5S Keeps the Workplace Clean and Safe

If you’re overwhelmed with all the tasks required to maintain a clean and safe facility, 5S has that handled too. Once each of the 5S’s is set into motion, cleanliness becomes easier to maintain and safety is prioritized. Our free presentation template teaches your team exactly how to create that environment.

Why wait?

Each day that passes without the 5S method implemented in your facility means another day of waste. Wasted time, wasted money, and wasted effort. It’s time to get to work! Get started with this 5S Training Template.